PayPal Checkout Credit Card Processing

I have just implemented a form with PayPal checkout. Redirection to PayPal appears to work correctly, however, with some people the credit card option just spins and quits.

I have tested the form on Edge browser, a popup window briefly appears and the transaction consumates.

However, if I attempt to do this on Chrome (not sure about firefox) it spins briefly and then just quits, no error message or anything. I tried disabling the popup blocker and was successful in completing the transaction. Browsers by default have popups disabled, so the obvious get-around is to have people temporarily enable popups. Not a good ideal when you have many people that barely know how to turn on their computer.

Is there a way a popup can be forced depending on the browser?

This is causing heartburn with many of my people that don’t want to use the PayPal interface.

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