Paypal Checkout Credit Card Field Support [RESOLVED]

In my PayPal Checkout setup, I have the following message:

Credit Card field support: NEED_MORE_DATA .

I can’t find anything in the documentation about this. Any suggestions?

Credit Card support is controlled by PayPal, they’re the ones to approve credit card support for your account, so you will want to contact with PayPal support for clarification of what they need to enable credit card support for your PayPal account.

This is in the Gravity Forms status for PayPal Checkout - not in PayPal. It seems to be working, but is giving this warning:

Account Status Email confirmed: Yes . Payment Receivable: Yes . Credit Card field support: NEED_MORE_DATA .

That message is reporting the current status of your application to use the credit card field; PayPal are indicating they require more data before they will approve your application. They will contact you via the PayPal account email address you entered during their onboarding process.

Thanks for the clarification.

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