PayPal Payments Standard credit card support

I added the PayPal Payments Standard Add-on and it works well with one exception. normally on PayPal’s payment widget there is an option to pat with a credit card. That is missing with this plugin.
Is there a place to enable that?

It’s not configurable on our end. That is up to PayPal to decide when to show the option to pay with a card. It’s in PayPal’s best interest to have you pay with your PayPal account, so if they detect at all that you may have a PayPal account, or that you have used the guest checkout multiple times, they won’t show the credit card option. I wish there were a document supporting this information, but PayPal is not very forthcoming about when they show the option to pay with a card. Sorry about that.

@chrishajer Thanks for the quick response.

So this is what confuses me, with plain PayPal tools you can have the customer choose:

You could be looking for a way to more prominently show credit card fields, and a Login button for PayPal members. This worked for me a while back, I think it still works but depends on PayPal cookies so check it out in a clean browser / no PayPal cookies.

Details in blog post: