PayPal Standard plugin - subscription field requires PayPal account?

We’ve got a form set up to take regular donation payments using the “Subscription” transaction type. This is working fine, but it requires the customer to have a PayPal account.

Is there a way to allow card payments for the “Subscription” payment type?

There is also a one-off donation form on the site, which has been set up using the “Donation” transaction type. When the customer completes the form, they get taken to a form on the PayPal site which has two options:

A: Donate - which asks them to login using their PayPal account; and
B: Donate with a Card - which shows a card payment form.

…but with the “Subscription” option, the customer only has the option to log in to their PayPal account - not to pay with card.

Anyone know if this is possible? Is it something on the website (e.g. Gravity Forms, or PayPal integration) that is preventing this option from showing, or is it something to do with how our Business PayPal account has been set up? Is there a setting that needs enabling?

I searched around online for the answer and came across a PayPal thing called “Enhanced Recurring Billing”, but it looks like this might be the title of an old service they offered, which has now been superseded by the Business accounts? Not sure.

To set up a PayPal subscription, the visitor will need to have a PayPal account. If you want to set up subscriptions with a card only, and not a PayPal account, I recommend using the Stripe add-on, which is also available to Pro license holders, and will allow only card payments.

Thanks Chris, much appreciated. I’ll look into it.

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