Paymentintent invalid Credit Card Authorization without Capturing Payment [RESOLVED]

We have added a form with a Credit Card Authorization.
Everything works fine (Credit Card without authentication required), until we use a Test Credit Card that requires authentication. What happens than is very weird: First time trying: The stripe pop up for authentication opens and we click authenicate - after that the form is not submitted and error says can’t change customer intent (You cannot modify customer on a PaymentIntent once it already has been set. To fulfill a payment with a different Customer, cancel this PaymentIntent and create a new one.) . Then if we try again afterwards any try results in an error: payment intent invalid.

We have followed the instructions: ‘Create a Customer in Stripe without Capturing Payment’ and added the correct filter. (

Hi Phillip. I see you have posted on several other topics and created this one. Because everyone’s Stripe setup and installation is unique, I recommend contacting support for assistance:

Thank you.

This issue has still not been resolved. :frowning_face: