Paid form access

I would like to create paid access to the form (form A). The scenario looks like this: Users make payments from the “form 0” level. After positive verification of payment, they will be redirected to form A. At the same time, the user receives a link to form A via email. Thus, the user can enter Form A immediately after payment or by clicking the link in the received email. How do you suggest to build such functionality?

  1. In form 0, I recommend collecting payment on the site via credit card rather than allowing offline payment or PayPal payment. You would not be able to redirect them when using offline payment.

  2. With the payment collected, you can use the Confirmation Redirect to redirect them to form A. Additionally, you can use the Notification to send them an email with a link to form A.

How are you going to prevent direct access to the page with form A on it? There are a couple Gravity Wiz solutions to that which may help:

Great! Thank you for you help Chris!