Notification Logs in Notes Section of Entry Records

I love that feeds (eg. Stripe & MailChimp) log their outcomes in the notes section of the respective entry records. For example, if Entry 1234 triggered a Stripe feed, a note will automatically be added to the entry stating “Payment has been completed.” If a MailChimp feed is triggered but fails for some reason, that is also noted. This is useful for various reasons including confirming that conditional logic is working as expected…Or noticing that a birthdate field needs to be reformatted before sending to MailChimp (

I know one can dig through “Settings” -> “Logging”, but I think it would be very useful to also log which notifications have been sent for that entry directly in the entry view. The send date & time should also be noted since it is possible to resend notifications after the submission date.

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Good idea. We have something similar on our list of requested features already, but I’ll be sure to add your comments there too. Thank you for the suggestions and use-cases.