Gravity forms show all entries with unsent notification

I’m suspecting one of my forms had failed email notifications in the past week.
Can i somehow present all entries with unsent notification so i can follow up on them ?
(no, i didn’t activate logging at that period)

Hi @user5b3deb0e9cd146.3,

As far as I know there isn’t a way to query for that information from Gravity Forms. However, the plugin does add a note to each entry when the notification email has been successfully passed to the sending server, or there was an error. You could review the note added to all recent entries and go from there.

Could be good to have this feature.
adding this SQL query to show this data if anyone needs it.

SELECT AS entry_id, AS note_id, n.user_name, n.date_created, n.sub_type, n.value
FROM wp_gf_entry e
LEFT JOIN wp_gf_entry_notes n ON = n.entry_id
WHERE e.form_id = 123 AND  n.sub_type LIKE '%error%';



The Gravity Hopper Form Integrity module alongside the Form Overview module adds an indicator to the form list table identifying recent errors, but does not show specifics of the entries with which those errors are associated. I would like to build that out to be a bit more useful at some point.

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