Keep track of communication in Entry Notes

I understand I can send email from Entry Notes, but is that possible to get response there as well? And if not, are there any add-ons that allow to keep all conversations in one place? Thank you!

The note added when a notification is processed is just a log registering that action was done. Adding a note with any reply to the email sent would require Gravity Forms to monitor your email inbox, something that is not a feature of Gravity Forms and as far as I know there’s no third-party add-on for this either.

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However, if you had a separate solution to monitor the email account and be able to parse the messages to get entry ID, email sender, etc. out, you could use the Gravity Flow Incoming Webhook extension along with Gravity Flow’s discussion field type. The incoming step in workflow would wait for the response or use the GFAPI to update the discussion field without impacting the workflow.