Need a different path for non credit card payment

We had to switch to the Stripe add-on and I need to figure out a path if not paying by card and end the submission.

We have 2 use cases for this: manual entry by staff or people that don’t want to pay with a card. The stripe card payment path works, click submit and you go to the hosted stripe page.

For my other use cases, the submission is basically abandoned. They hit submit then exit out of the Stripe cart page. I’ve tried starting the form with a link to the alternate check form to use if they want to pay by check, but A) people just don’t read and B) that only addresses one use case.


Hi Heather. Offer a radio button choice in the form for “Credit Card” or “Check/Cash/Offline” (whatever you want to call the non-Credit Card option). Then configure conditional logic based on that radio button in two places:

  • Stripe field in the form
  • Stripe feed

Only show the Stripe field and process the feed when the “Credit Card” option is selected. Any other choice will result in the form being submitted without payment being collected by Stripe. Will that work for you?

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