Multistep forms reloading on iOS but not on Android

I am having an issue with my multipage forms. My forms are content blocks within accordions. The test form has AJAX enabled. I have also installed the Fresh Forms plug-in to prevent page reload on multi-page forms site-wide. At the moment, ONLY the test form has AJAX enabled.

When the user hits NEXT on an Android device, the content loads properly, without reloading the page. However, on iOS (including up to 16.x), when the user hits NEXT, the page reloads and the accordion is closed, forcing the user to re-open the accordion to continue with the form. This behavior occurs on the test form (AJAX enabled) and on every other multi-page form on the site. On MacOS (Ventura), the page also reloads, but the accordion stays open.

Using Lambdatest, I tested the site and the test form in particular, on iPhone 12, 13 & 14, in iOS 16.0 and 16.2, using both Chrome and Safari. I am absolutely unable to replicate the behavior. However, in the Lambdatest environments, the issue DOES occur with non-AJAX enabled forms, in both iOS and MacOS (Ventura).

Any ideas why an AJAX-enabled form would trigger a page reload (and closed accordion) in the real world, but performs completely as expected in the test environment?

UPDATE: Went through and enabled AJAX on all multipage forms. Retested on Safari & Chrome in iOS 16.x… NOW, it IS reloading the page AND closing the accordion (same behavior as IRL). So, disabled AJAX on a form, flushed dynamic cache for the site, and started a clean test. Still displaying erroneous behavior. Still no issues in Android /Windows.

Now even less sure of where to look to find this gremlin … Any help is appreciated

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