Load multistep in the same page [RESOLVED]


I have a multi-step form on my page, but after filling the first step, the second step reloads the browser completely, and I don’t want that, it even adds a link in the search bar like it was redirecting to a whole different page. I have had some animations for example when a user clicks “submit” it automatically changes to “processing…” but the whole page still loading, how can I prevent that, please?

If you are using the Gravity Forms block to embed the form via the WP 5.0+ editor you can enable Ajax in the block settings so the page won’t reload, it will update just the form content instead.

If the form is embedded using the shortcode you can add the ajax=true attribute to the shortcode.

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@richardw8k I’m using elementor and I’ve tried putting ajax=true in the embed code but it is not working, I still have the same result.

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Thank you.

@chris, hello fortunately my problem has been solved, I’ve tried using essential addons for elementor and from there I was able to activate ajax. I appreciate your help.