Why New tab is opening when going to next page in iPhone only( In Android working fine)

I have created a Quote Form using gravity form multipage.
Here:: https://floriansalman.de/quote/
All the things are fine except , giving issue in iPhone when I am click on next Button then its opening new tab. I removed my all js code but its still giving issue.
Can you help me to fine this new tab open issue.


Hi Florian. That will not happen in Gravity Forms by default. I recommend checking for theme and plugin conflicts (which would include eliminating any of your custom code.)

You can use the troubleshooting mode provided by the WordPress team official Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin to check for theme and plugin conflicts. It will allow you to perform the test by disabling things for you as logged in administrator and will not affect your website visitors. Please check the following documentation page for detailed instructions:

If you’re using any caching/minify system like a plugin, a CDN (e.g. CloudFlare) or a server module (e.g. Varnish), please make sure to flush the cache and turn off caching/minify completely until the end of the issue resolution to avoid false positives due to cached resources. Please let us know what you find out. Thank you.

having the same issue here, were you able to figure this out?

Figured this out, and updating for future reference.

I had re-used another gravity forms instance, and did not clear out the parameters from that regular gravity forms instance for the quiz.

title=“false” description=“false” ajax=“true” tabindex=“49” field_values=“check=First Choice,Second Choice”

Thank you for the update.