Prevent from jumping to form on single page

When I visit my contact page, it immediately jumps to the form halfway down the page, while I want to start at the top of the page. How to prevent from jumping?

Already tried add_filter( 'gform_confirmation_anchor', '__return_false' ); and add_filter( 'gform_confirmation_anchor_5', '__return_false' ); but this didn’t solve the issue.

Could you please share your website URL so I can further investigate to resolve the issue?

Gravity Forms will not do that to your page. You don’t need to use gform_confirmation_anchor (that only applies when a form is submitted, to set where the page is reloaded after the page or form submission.)

It looks like a conflict on your site, or some invalid HTML. I recommend checking for conflicts first, using these steps:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Back again. Walked through all steps, even deleted my functions.php. Problem still occurs.

Also put the gravity form on a new page with only one paragraph above. Still jumps to the form.

Don’t know what to do anymore?

Hartelijke groet,

Rut de Ruijter

You have tried this with a new theme like Twenty Twenty, in addition to no other plugins being active? My guess would have been a conflict with your theme or page builder.

If you’re not able to find the issue, I recommend opening a support ticket:

The conflict test will likely be the first thing we ask, as this does not happen in a typical installation.

I did try with a new theme, but the problem still occurs.

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