Mobile form submissions not working

Gravity forms plugin version: 6.8.1
Wordpress version: 6.0.2
Php version: 7.4.16

Form submissions on mobile devices do not work; forms with multi-step page breaks (partial forms) cannot proceed to the next step, and forms with a redirect on submission do not redirect. This issue is reproducible on iOS chrome and safari, but not reproducible on macOS chrome and safari.

When forms with a redirect are submitted, the entries can be seen within the WP admin. However, forms with multi-step page breaks cannot be submitted at all, so entries cannot be seen within the WP admin.

I’m using the embed shortcodes to display the gravity forms, i.e. [gravityform id=“38” title=“true” ajax=“true”]

After removing ajax=“true”, the form submits properly, but it would be a better user experience if I could keep ajax=“true”

If the form submits on mobile without AJAX, then there is a JavaScript conflict with some other software on the site. Please check for theme and plugin conflicts using these steps:

Thank you.

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