Gravity Forms confirmation redirect not working

Using either page or redirect does not redirect the user on form submit. The form is replace with the word “Array”. Even tried to use the gform_confirmation hook with my form id and got the same result.

The form is added to the page using shortcode. Ajax is enabled.

I excluded Gravity Forms JS from auto optimize incase that was an issue. That didn’t resolve the problem though.

Anyone else having this issue or have any idea why the redirect wont work?

I’m unable to replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation. That suggests it is something specific to your site.

The official Facebook plugin for WordPress has been known to cause issues like the one you described, if you have this plugin installed, try disabling it.

If that doesn’t help, I would recommend you to perform a full conflict test following the instructions here:

It will allow you to perform the testing easily without affecting your visitors or doing permanent changes to the site. Note that for a valid conflict test, the first test must be done with only Gravity Forms enabled. All other plugins should be disabled, and a default WordPress theme without custom code should be used (e.g. Twenty Twenty-One).

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this in the live site, try creating a staging clone or sandbox setup for testing.

If you have the Facebook for WordPress plugin installed, that could be the culprit. The conflict test will help you find the conflict. Please let us know what you find.

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