Membership + Directory + GF solutions?

I’m looking for Membership + Directory solutions. Is there any you know of that work well with Gravity Forms? The site I am working on will have some extensive Membership Registration forms.

More details below on the full scope of the job if you want to read them…

Looking for membership plugin that either has or works with a directory plugin. Memberpress didn’t think they were a good fit for me.

  1. We have a membership site for doctors. Currently using aMember - but want to switch to something else that is easier to use. Needs include being able to add lots of options for their membership registration form (specialties, contact, etc.)**

  2. We need a “Find a doctor” page that is sortable and searchable. Currently, when a person joins the group, they automatically get added to the “Find a doctor” page. Needs an opt-in by default for the person that signed up.**

  3. We need a membership listing page. This would work the same as the “Find a doctor” page EXCEPT the default is to “opt-out” by default.**

Any thoughts? I am assuming I need a membership plugin and a directory plugin. Need to be able to add to the form to gather lots of extra member info. Do you offer anything that works well with any known membership plugins? Or perhaps offer one? Any suggestions?**

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If when you create a doctor, you also create a user_id, I’d recommend you use Ultimate Member. They have a fairly good free Directory system and additional purchasable plugins. You can also customize if you make your own templates if you feel savvy enough. If the input doctors are just saved to the entry_meta, then it would be best to just buy GravityView.