Best plugins to use with GF for a dog training site - Membership?

I have a client that is a dog trainer and she offers various levels of group puppy training, as well as, private classes. We currently have a registration form created for collecting information about the dog owner and one dog which includes payment for one class.

Her needs are growing so it looks like she wants to add more of a membership site, where the client upon first registration, creates a “user profile” where they can add more dogs to their profile and also register for additional classes without having to use the original registration form.

We are currently also using The Events Calendar to show the available dates, but maybe there is a better all-in-one or all-in-two or three solution available that integrates with gravity forms ?

I recommend taking a look at MemberPress, which integrates with Gravity Forms via a third party add-on from Ristretto Apps. I’ve used this combo a couple of times for sites where users needed to be able to join multiple classes, as MemberPress is one of the few membership plugins that allows a user to belong to more than one group or level – most membership plugins have tiered levels where you can only belong to one tier at a time.

MemberPress does integrate with The Events Calendar as well, as described here.


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