Linking two Wordpress website

Good day,

I am following on a previous request as I am not a programmer, the REST API is a bit complex so I would need a bit more guidance if possible.

I have two Wordpress site, on the first one, I have the membership subscription and on the other one, I have the event subscription with gravity forms. I want to link the membership subscription to the event form. In order to validate a membership on the event form, the participant would enter their email and with a match, the form would be able to pull out the status.

I have looked at the email validation third Party, but it only send the email, I need the status with it. How to I add this condition? Also the code, where do I add this?


The use case described can’t be done using Gravity Forms features, as far as I know there’s no third-party add-on keep GF data synced between two different sites, so I would recommend you to hire someone to create a custom solution for you.

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If both Membership subscription and event subscription are both Gravity Forms, it may be a case where Gravity Flow’s Form Connector extension - and it’s update fields step could help you without needing to rely on Rest API.

As long as the email matches in both forms:

  • The Membership form would add a text field for ‘event status’ set as administrative visibility
  • It would use an Update Fields step to access the remote (Event) site and find the first entry in the event form which matches email. That would return the status from the event entry and store it into the membership form.
  • Then either User Input, Approval or other steps to complete the membership process could take place including payments with any feeds that Gravity Forms add-on provides.


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