Send an entry to another site and display it on the front end


I would like to send an entry to another site and display it on the front end.

Do you have any solutions for me?

Thank you

Sending data to a third-party site or displaying the data there are not features of Gravity Forms.

There’s a third-party add-on to display entries in the front-end:
but it would require the entry to exist in the site first.

You could consider using the REST API to create the entry in the destination site: REST API v2 Guide - Gravity Forms Documentation

If you feel you need help to achieve this, I would recommend you to post your use case requirements in the Job Board.

Assuming both sites are WordPress based, the Gravity Flow Form Connector extension has exactly what you are after. All its’ step types support the option of either local or remote site where the extension is installed on both.

So using a Create an Entry step step on the first site with the remote settings for the second. As @sacom suggested, GravityView to display from the form on remote site is one very good option. If you wanted it as a post/page, the 2nd sites’ form could have a workflow with the Advanced Post Creation add-on. For cases where you might want to review/approve before that remote publish activity occurs, I’d suggest adding an approval step on whichever site it’s appropriate before publishing.


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