Membership Site with GF

Has anyone made a full-blown membership site with Gravity Forms? I’m considering a new site/business that is a membership and would require me to:

  • accept payments
  • create a user
  • hide content behind the member wall
  • allow people to cancel their annual membership anytime

I know I can accept payments and create users with GF as I’ve done it many times. I know I can use the free Members plugin to do the wall.

But I’m not aware of the GF Stripe or PayPal plugins have the ability to let members cancel their “subscription”.

Anyone have anything they can share on this?

Hi @scottwyden, the original Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On has been doing this for years. I even have a few WordCamp talks on it as well. Email me and I’ll find the exact videos and send them to you.

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Hi Naomi! I can get it to sign people up, allow them to edit the CC, but I can’t get it to allow people to cancel within an account. They can only cancel by going to Stripe.

@scottwyden Email support and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of

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I just replied to your email :slight_smile: