Gravity Forms User Registration/GravityView - Approval/Activation QUESTION

I’ve set up a Member Directory using Gravity Forms User Registration for sign-up and user information editing, and GravityView to display the directory itself.

  • When someone submits the form they need to be approved.

  • The problem is, it seems I’m finding out that GF “Activation” and GV “Approval” are two different things. I assumed if an admin clicks on the GV “Approval” the person will also be activated and become a user…but that isn’t what’s happening.

Am I not understanding how these work? I’m hoping admins aren’t going to have to approve people in two places, one to create the WP user and one to display the person in the GravityView directory. That would, well…suck.

Can someone clarify or educate me or know of a way to let both happen at once?

Mad Dog

Hi, there are many ways to achieve this. First of all, you don’t have to approve new users if you don’t wish to do so or if it would add too much work for the admins. Hence, one way to streamline everything is not to require approval. Are you processing any payments for new users or a membership listing? Let me know and I will suggest further refinements.


We’ve discussed this but my feeling is they should be approved to make sure no one is spamming or vandalizing by submitting a form with bogus or spammy entries that immediately appear in the online directory and look bad. It’s an organization.

I have a notification that triggers when someone submits a form. I had assumed the admin can just go to one place and activation/approval would both happen at once but it looks like they’re two different functions. That’s the problem.

There are no payments involved. The whole system works great, from sign-up, end-user being able to edit their information, and onsite directory display. It’s this darned clumsy approval that’s the problem.

If we need to, the client is okay with no approval…I don’t like it.


I agree that you should have an approval step in the workflow. I was just thinking that you could eliminate it for the user registration step or rely only on the activation link. Then, you would require user login before submitting the entry for the directory, which would cut down on spam or bogus submissions. Finally, you would require admin approval before any directory listings are live. That maintains the admin’s responsibility for viewing and approving listings but takes him/her out of the user registration process.

Hmmm…I thought about this but not the way you’re describing it. You’re saying they complete the form and need to click an activation link before the admin even gets a notice about it, then the admin only needs to do the Gravity View approval?

Nice plan but how do I handle the activation link part so they have to respond? Is that in GF User Registration but I haven’t noticed it?


Yes, there’s an option that requires the new user to click on an activation link sent by email before the user account is finalized. This is an alternative to having the admin approve each account. See this page:

I have had good luck with this approach. It adds more work for the new user but helps keep out illegitimate types. In sum, the user must complete the form, check his/her email, click on the activation link, and then log into the website. Those are enough steps to keep away most bad guys. This assumes, of course, that you put your second Gravity Form (used for member directory information) behind the login wall. Allow only logged in users to submit the directory listing data, and then have an admin provide the final stamp of approval.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at that. So basically they’re self-approving themselves as users and the admin still needs to approve them for Gravity View and the directory listing. I guess worst case someone who shouldn’t becomes a Directory user and they could be deleted if need be (Directory users only have access to these needed areas and not other privileges).

I’ll check it out!