How to have user registration AND admin approval? [RESOLVED]

We need to have the user first validate their email to prevent false/spam/malicious signups, but then all users need to be approved by an Admin.

I notice your documentation says its either a “email sent to the user or manually by an admin.”

Can you let me know how to do both please? User validates first, then admin gets a notice to approve them.



This would be an excellent case where Gravity Flow could provide a solid pattern as it integrates with the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on as well as most others certified developer add-ons.

Specific to your case, I think a workflow following form submission along these lines:

  • Starts with an approval step and uses a one click approval link in the assignee notification that gets mapped to the email field. This would validate their email address.

  • A 2nd approval step mapped to the administrator role (or specific users) with an approval policy of any (1 admin approving being enough to continue the workflow). See configuring an approval policy for more details.

  • The step to create the user. The registration feed is the same as you’re used to now, just a step in the workflow to define when it should be executed.


Sounds good, I will take a look tomorrow. Have used Gravity Flow on another site, but not for User Registrations. Thanks a lot.


Thanks Jamie for the recommendation, we set it all up and it does what we need :slight_smile: