User registration process


I have gravity forms and user registration addon.

I have the form for user registration successfully set up and a separate page where I put in the shortcode where the registered user can login.

I am struggling with the following two aspects I dont find guidance in the web:

A) I want an email to be sent to myself/admin of the page with the activation link when a new user has submitted his data for registration. I believe this should be possible under notifications in my register form - how to? Can anyone provide guidance on how this works? I dont get this about the field based merge tags and the merge tag dropdown that I should find somewhere in the notifications section of the form.

B) In notifications I have the Send to Field and in the dropdown “Ihre Emailadresse”. Is my understanding correct with that is meant the Emailadresse of the user registered?

Thanks for any help - I thought setting up the registration and login to my website would be much easier. I hope i can find a way through the jungel.

The registration link you find here:

The login page here: