Map Custom Field to Post Meta in Custom Post Type [RESOLVED]

Hello! I am very new to gravity forms but super excited about the potential to replace and extend a few front end submission forms on my site. So I apologize in advance if my question seems amateurish.

I am using Events Manager Pro to display events and allow members to submit their own events to a club calendar. Events Manager Pro has its own front end submission form but I would like to use gravity forms for the submission form so that I can better control the fields users see.

How do I map the custom fields I create in gravity forms to the post meta in an Events custom post type?

Events have an event_start_date and event_end_date (these are the column names in the database for these values), displayed in the right column of the post editor under When. How do I get the dates a user inputs on the gravity form to map to the date on the event post?

I realize this is an older post, and I don’t see any response. We’re you ever able to resolve the issue?

I actually found how to do this, and confirmed it works.

Using the Advanced Post Subissions, and use Event as the Post Type. Assign custom field mappings to _EventStartDate and _EventEndDate. We also used a hidden field to assign “yes” to _EventAllDay

Thank you for sharing that. I am going to close this topic because it is so old. Feel free to open a new topic if you need assistance. Thank you.

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