Gravity Forms and The Events Calendar

Gravity Forms is great for creating posts from form submissions. I wonder if Gravity can be used to create events in The Events Calendar. This might seem an odd thing to do since creating events is essentially filling in a form, but we have people that we don’t want to give access to the backend and who are currently submitting events via email. Then someone has to cut and past into the calendar. If we had a form page that they could fill out and have the info go to a draft event, then an admin can just review and publish.

Is this possible?

Hi Craig. Yes, it is possible, and there are several ways. An event in The Events Calendar is a custom post type. The process is to put all the information gathered in Gravity Forms into the right place for The Events Calendar.

An old plugin (still available) was designed for this. It may be worth a look:

Here we describe how to accomplish it using our Webhooks Add-On (Elite license required):

And here we describe how to accomplish it using our Advanced Post Creation Add-On (also requires an Elite license):

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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Hi @craig_lawrence ,

Did you resolve your issues? I’m looking also for a solution to that.

My apologies for not closing the issue. I haven’t had time to work on the issue.

Let’s close for now and I will attempt your suggestions at a later date.