MailChimp audience subscription tickbox behavior not consistent accross languages


I just noticed that the MailChimp subscription tickbox doesn’t behave the same way across different WPML translations: the native language is fine, but, the other ones auto-subscribes the user, whenever s-he didn’t tick the box.

Hi Tanguy. If this is an issue with Gravity Forms Mailchimp add-on, please open a support ticket here. However, if the issue is with WMPL translations, I recommend reaching out to WPML support:

Gravity Forms:


Thank you.

Thanks, I’ll give a try to WPML support first.

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Hi. I’m trying to set a dev enviromnent with WPML, so that they can investigate the issue. However, once Gravity Form, MailChimp Add-on and first feed are set, I still don’t get the MailChimp for WordPress standard field. Do I miss something here?

Hi Tanguy. I’m not sure what you are referring to about the WordPress standard field. Can you send a screenshot or let us know what you’re trying to find?

Sure :slight_smile:

This is a screen shot from the website where I face the initial issue.
As you can see, there is a Mailchimp for WordPress choice, which allows to add a tickbox in the form.
This choice is not available on the test website, though I think I activated everything needed.

That Mailchimp for WordPress button in your screenshot is not coming from our add-on, it’s from this plugin I believe:

We’re not able to help with that plugin. If you wanted to use our Mailchimp add-on, it’s available here, at no additional charge with your Basic license:

Finally solved!

You’re right, I was also using this MC4WP plugin in another context, and I thought this tickbox was offeref your addon.

Therefore, I removed the field related to that plugin in my form, and replaced it with a tickbox (“Subscribe to our newsletter[…]”), to be used in the Mailchimp feeds as conditional logic.

My goal here was to set simple optin for the US version of my website, and double opt-in for the other languages.

To achieve this, I used two MailChimp feeds, one the US, with double opt-in not ticked, with the following conditions, both to be met:

  • Language of the form IS “us”
  • My tickbox “Subscribe to our newsletter […]” IS “Subscribe to our newsletter […]” (which is the only option I get to select, so I guess it means ticked)

Then a second feed for the other languages, with double optin ticked, and the following conditions, both to be met as well:

  • Language of the form IS NOT us
  • My tickbox “Subscribe to our newsletter […]” IS “Subscribe to our newsletter […]” (same as above

The conditions here don’t take advantage of WPML string translation.
Therefore, for this to work, the tickbox field value MUST NOT be translated in WPML.

Otherwise, it will look for the original english value, and just won’t find it.

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Thank you for the update. I’m sure this will help someone in the future.

The same solution also solved my issue for the other addon. if technical values are kept the same as the original language values, the conditional behavior will follow.

I thinks that’s what WPML means here, saying we shouldn’t set values as translated.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update.