Linking forms with email

Hello - We have two GFs. The first is an opt in form that takes the person’s first name and email. Then second is the long questionnaire they get to after pressing send off of the first form. When they submit their results off of the second form, all the data, plus the email and first name from the first form come over via the CRMWorks plug in.
However, I have found a loop hole. If a person starts with the questionnaire URL and skips the opt in page, then the results come to the website with no email and first name and they won’t pass over to IS. And even if they did pass over to IS, they are worthless because we don’t have contact information.
Is there an easy way to link the forms so that even if they pass over the opt in, the questionnaire won’t process without them entering a first name and email?
The email and first name are a custom field in the second form, I think, because they are not shown onscreen. When I change them over to a standard field, they don’t transfer even if the opt in form is used.
Any thoughts anyone?!
Thanks so much!

Can you make the email address and first name fields required in the second form, so that it cannot be submitted until they are filled in?

We didn’t want them to have to enter it twice, and we wanted to capture the name and email address even if they don’t end up completing the questionnaire.

How will you get the information into the questionnaire if they don’t come from the first, shorter form? Is that the question?

No - if they get to the url to the questionnaire without going through the opt in form, then there will be no email or first name attached.

How about if you dynamically populated the field as you are now, and made that visible, and made it read only IF it was filled in dynamically. If not, and they arrive at the questionnaire without coming from form 1, you show the name and email fields for them to fill in? They won’t have done that previously, so they’re not filling out anything twice.

I like that! Assuming there is a tutorial on doing that, right? Will I be able to reference where that email and name are coming from?

What do you mean here?

Meaning - if they just opted in, how will the second form know where to pull the data from to dynamically populate the name and email?

oh - I just realized that this doesn’t prevent someone from starting with the questionnaire and just having a blank email and name. Is there a way to prevent them from moving forward without those fields?

Initially you said this. When going from form 1 to form 2, it sounds like you are sending the data to the form, and this is working successfully, correct? I thought the issue was if they access form 2 directly, you don’t get the name and email address. My solution was to ask them for it in form 2, but only if it is not already populated by the method you are currently using.

Oh - I see - so you can have it populate dynamically, or require them to put it in?

Yes, in the simplest form, you can have a field that is set up for dynamic population, and not dynamically populate it. It would just be blank and there for someone to fill in.

That’s not really user-friendly though (or maybe it is, if you want them to be able to review what they previously submitted to you :man_shrugging:). So the idea would be:

a. if the field is dynamically populated in the query string, make the field read-only
b. if the field is not dynamically populated with a value (from form 1) don’t make it read-only, and have it required, so they can fill those two fields in

Are these options done in code or just by adding the variables (email and First name) and then selecting dynamically populate? Not sure where the read only part can get added.

Are you using the Gravity Forms “populate dynamically” feature now, with the query string and query string parameter?

I don’t think so. . .

Then I am really confused on how this works. Can you open a support ticket here so I can get the login credentials for your site to take a look?

Just put “attention Chris” on there somewhere. Thank you.

Chris - I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m launching a bunch of email these last two days. I hope to get back to this tomorrow!
Thanks so all of your help - Anne