How to pass data from email to form?

I want to pass field data from an ActiveCampaign email link to a Gravity Form so the lead doesn’t have to retype the information we’ve previously captured (previous information was captured with another gravity form, but existing query string documentation doesn’t address emails). I’ve tried both link URL strings and neither work.{email}&firstname={firstname}&lastname={lastname}

Any guidance is much appreciated.

If you select the ‘field can be filled dynamically’ setting, you can use the parameters (as set in the advanced fields) in the URL to fill them up :slight_smile:

Ie. my ‘request a quote’ form (it’s Dutch though):

By default the ‘SnelMijnSite Start’ option is selected, but that can easily be changed to SnelMijnShop:

These are the Advanced settings of that field (Dutch too):

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