Pass several field from Gravity Forms to ActiveCampaign

So I’m looking to go beyond the ability of the built in notifications and utilize ActiveCampaign for them. I’m curious of easy ways to pass field data over to AC beyond doing a one for one field mapping. For example, we’re creating a registration form for an event to support our non-profit. I’d like to be able to show how many tickets the person purchased, the type of tickets (adult/youth) as well as the total of the transaction. It would be 3 fields pushed to the user, ideally there would be a way to prevent overwriting if someone makes multiple purchases/transaction.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Have you looked into Zapier? I know ActiveCampaign’s zap allows you to map up to 100 fields. And I believe the GF zap gives you access to all the fields in the form.

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What about using Webhooks addon? So you don’t need an external service:

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