How can I create a link to an email preferences form, with the email address prepopulated?

I am no programmer, so hopefully any response can be framed with “Wordpress point and click” in mind, but we want out CRM users to have some say over which messages we send them, so we have a gravity form with a bunch of opt-in opt-out options.

At the very least, I want a link from my newsletters etc to this form with their email address prepopulated (and ideally hidden on the screen), but even better is the ability to prepopulate the boolean values with their previous preferences too… but right now I will settle for prepopulating an email field from a hyperlink to the wordpress page hosting the form. How do I do this, please?

Check out their doco for Dynamically Populating a Field, you can add the email address to your page URL and have it dynamically populate a field in your form (visible or hidden).

To retrieve previous settings, you can do that with logged-in WordPress users by using merge tags (there’s a bunch for user meta) – but I suspect you’re not talking about WordPress user settings. Your subscriber needs to be logged in for this to work.

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