Limit submission just for successful payment

I use a plugin for payment. Fortunately, this plugin has a feature that delays other add-ons feed until receiving a successful payment. All I need to do is add a simple snippet to every specidic add-ons according to this document.

I use the Limit submission plugin as well to limit form entry. But I can’t do the same for this plugin.
I want to limit submission just for paid entry.
Is it possible or do I need a custom code for this problem?
(I don’t insist on using the Limit Submission plugin.)

Thank in advance.

Which payment add-on are you using?

Hi Samuel.
The add-on’s name is Zarinpal for Gravity. You can download it from this link.
It’s for local payment not international payment system like Paypal.

Hi Amin,

If you are using Limit Submissions Perk, you should be able to trigger the limit by custom meta using this snippet.

The meta value could be the payment status of the entry.

I hope this helps.


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