Form submission and paypal

Hi I just set up a new form with application fee and paypal standard.

When I click submit the form I am sent to paypal, but the form data is recorded. is there a way to get payment first then then have the form submitted? Did I miss a something? I figured out how to have the notifications sent after payment which was one of the other questions I had.


You didn’t miss anything. With our PayPal Standard add-on, the data is always collected first and then sent to PayPal to collect payment. If you want the money before the information, you can use one of our payment add-one that collects payment via credit card on your site: Authorize.Net, PayPal Pro or Stripe.

Thanks @chrishajer, just two follow up questions:

1 does the notification on payment work with paypal standard, Im thinking on form submittal form is recorded and notification sent and on payment complete notification sent saying person xyz paid

  1. what are the options if payment fails, or is cancelled. is there a way for users to resubmit the payment through gravity forms? can a pay now button be included in the form notification email? in our case its a standard fee of 35$ so worst case could put a buy now button on the application page.

edit: finally managed to do some testing and payment status is recorded :slight_smile: but still curious about #2



Is PayPal pro add on still available? I couldn’t find it

DEPRECATION NOTICE : The PayPal Pro Add-On is no longer being updated by Gravity Forms, and is no longer available for download. It uses a legacy PayPal API no longer being actively developed by PayPal, and is not compatible with modern PayPal accounts. It has been replaced in our plug-in library by other PayPal add-ons.

You’ll want to see PayPal Checkout add on