Is the CSS Ready Class gf_section_right working as intended for you? [RESOLVED]

Hi, I have been using the Gravity Forms plugin for a few years and am constantly discovering new ways to do things. Today I came across the CSS Ready Class gf_section_right and I was trying to make it work with the Section Breaks on a form that has labels set to right in the form settings (as described in the documentation set labels to left or right). However, it does not appear to do what is described in the documentation. I don’t see a visual change. I checked the styles that get applied with Chrome Developer Tools, but I can’t tell if the style gets applied, or even exists for that matter (did some searching through the style sheet, but didn’t find anything). FYI, we are currently using version 2.4.17. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi Richard. I did not know about that CSS Ready Class, so I had to go look it up. It’s in the documentation but it’s not in our readyclass.css file. It looks like that was introduced in v1.9.4 over five years ago, but the CSS was removed for some reason. My guess is that it did not work as expected.

Sorry about that. I’ll get the documentation updated.

Ignoring the CSS Ready Class, can you post a link to the page on your site where we can see the form, so we can see if there is other CSS we can help with, without using a Ready Class? Thank you.

Hi @chrishajer, thank you for the reply. Too bad that class didn’t make it. It’s truly useful if aligning labels left/right. Especially when adding a HTML Block to the form underneath a section break, the layout looks off without this alignment fix. The HTML Block does not have a label but does get pushed to the right as if there was one. That is where pushing the section break to the right (with gf_section_right) would be very helpful.

I ended up doing a different layout for the form I was working on.

Thank you for looking into this and for your fast reply.

Thanks for the update Richard!