Can't get column classes to work [RESOLVED]

I’m a newbie here. I’m trying to get up to speed on form layouts, but my first attempt failed. I’ve applied the gf_left_half and gf_right_half classes to my simple form. No change. Any ideas?

The column classes only work with the top label setting. You’re using the left label. If you change that to top label, you will see that the classes work.

### Halves (2 Columns)

Note: These only work with the “top label” form layout option and are 
intended to be used in left half/right half pairings to work properly.

Thanks Chris. I guess I need to read up on what Top Labels are. I have no clue.

Got it. Wasn’t sure if Top Label was some global form title label thing. I see, it’s just field label alignment. Cool

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