CSS for gf_left_half & gf_right_half alignment

I’m attempting to have to fields inline with gf_left_half and right half but they don’t align properly to the first name and last name fields.

Can someone with css expertise help me?

Do you mean the the width on the right side not lining up?

I think there is a pixel off there as well but the two fields at the bottom are Units under Management and Units Delinquent, There is no spacing between those two fields.

I can’t seem to get the spacing the same as the space between first name and last name which seem to follow a different css inline alignment than do gf_left_half and gf_right_half.

I see what you mean. If you test this in the form preview, is it off there as well, or just when embedded in your page?

Preview looks fine.

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Can I ask what you did to fix this? I’m running into the same issue with the CSS ready left and right classes and the name field not lining up correctly.


Hi Chris. The OP never did post a resolution. I recommend opening a support ticket for your issue:


It corrected itself. I’m not sure if it was a plugin conflict or what was going on exactly but the issue resolved itself and I’m not sure what was causing it originally. We were using Elementor pages.

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Good deal. Thank you for the update.

I will say this, we were running into a lot of caching issues. I was new to using Cloudflare and realized every time we update a plugin or make css changes I needed to clear the Cloudflare cache or we wouldn’t see our changes on the live site. This very well could have been the issue.

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Ha! I’m also using elementor. My preview is also aligned correctly, so I assume it has to do with Elementor’s native CSS but I haven’t found it yet. Thank you for replying.

Also am using CloudFlare + Lightspeed but have cloudflare in dev mode and cleared lightspeed several times. If I figure it out I’ll post back.