Why Column Ready Classes may have long term value

In the new 2.5 GF documentation ( Here ), it says: “The ready classes that are used to put fields in columns are no longer needed…we use the same classes to determine their width that we would use if you had resized them in the editor. Eventually we will drop support for these classes.”

I have a use case where these classes at least reduce the amount of custom CSS needed, and simplify it as well:

Consider a situation where:

  • Conditional logic is used to make one of two fields visible on a form.
  • The field pair is to be placed in a particular location in a multi-column grid.

You can’t drag both fields to the same spot in the GUI grid.

Solution: use a column Ready Class to specify that both fields are 1/2 (or 1/3 or whatever) wide, instead of full width.

At present, one still needs to use custom CSS to specify where on the grid they belong, but at least the width part is taken care of.

(BTW, it would be nice to eventually have an option to make the grid row/column numbers visible, and a GUI way to mark up where overlaid fields should be placed. Grid CSS is an AMAZING advance; I’m sure our GF wizards will have a great solution for this soon! :smiley: )


Booststrap’s grid system uses a series of containers, rows, and columns to layout and medium , large , and extra large devices using aessuccess our predefined grid classes. In a grid layout , content must be placed within columns and only columns may be to provide a whole suite of ready-to-use classes for fast responsive layouts.

Been a dev/architect for a LONG time… people can always use a little positive feedback. This world has more than enough of the other :wink:

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