Checkboxes and Radio field columns now that CSS Ready Classes are depreciated?

Is there a replacement for this functionality now that CSS Ready Classes have been depreciated?
I realize that they still technically work, but to use them you have to disable the newer modern features & theme.

The class features I’m speaking of are specifically the List Column rules.

  • gf_list_2col
  • gf_list_3col
  • gf_list_4col
  • gf_list_5col


  • gf_list_2col_vertical
  • gf_list_3col_vertical
  • gf_list_4col_vertical
  • gf_list_5col_vertical

I have a workaround for my checkbox area’s on a per-page basis, injecting the following CSS.

.gfield_checkbox {
    display: grid !important;
    grid-template-columns: repeat(2, 1fr);

But I was hoping there might be a more elegant solution?

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