Is it possible to add my custom dropdown list to filter entries?


i want to add some filters on entries page, but i don’t find any filters or hook to do that.
How can i do ? Thanks for your help.

What do you actually want it to do?

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I want to filter the entries with several dropdown lists or checkboxes

Gotcha, so query your database, looking for particular information. Definitely is possible using AJAX, and not something that can be done with just a hook.

If you need someone to write the AJAX for you, then feel free to PM me.


i know how to query my database with just a hook.
What i want is to add/display my own filters.
I will try with the hook “gform_pre_entry_list” and move it with JS; or add a do_action in gravity files.

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Like I said, you need to implement some AJAX to bounce it back and forth. Something like:

				var data3 = {
					'action': 'ajax_populate',
					'dataType': 'json',
					'company_name': company,
					'company_total': total,
					'company_date': fdate

			var json = $.post( ajaxurl, data3, function() {
			}).done( function( JSON1 ){
			    console.log( JSON1 );

Thanks for you help but i don’t understand how AJAX can help me to display new filters in entries page ?