Is grafity forms going to follow soon - New features?

Yet another plugin, has updated it’s plugin, with new design and all those fancy new and modern form layout / design and useful features that we are already asking for over a year now.

To the developers check this out, this is amazing and they claim they beat Gravity Forms too in performance too.

Fullscreen forms are new trends on the web and there has no other Form builder in WordPress that offers this type of Conversational Forms. Conversational Forms are perfect for survey, customer feedback, customer onboarding and what’s not. Grafity forms could be the first one!

### Customizing Form Layout

Building interactive forms is never been easier. You can build forms by just drag and drop the elements you want. You can also have full control of each input layout and customize how you want to show those inputs. That’s just dope and spot on, you instantly want to fill in such a form. So conversion rate will go sky high with this options.

Then the range bars, step bar, etc.
Image / icon selection as input options.

PLEAASSSSEEEEE GF team I believe you can do this too, in the core of GF. Their are third-party addons that can do this, but I tried them all and they suck big time, they are not develop well.

ps: Chris or other admin, please dont’ remove this topic now :slight_smile: keep it open, this is just to get Gravity Forms team aware and to improve GF in my advantage as a client.


I won’t remove or close it - I’ll leave it open for discussion. I also added it to our list of open feature requests for the product team.

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Wow…if only… Love the live view…so instant WYSIWUG
I am a loyal GF user so I’ll wait…

With some styling and some simple scripting this is achievable with Gravity Forms as-is.

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I’m always wary of things that look too pretty, because I know I’m going to their CSS to get the form to look the way I want. That said, it would be nice to have some more modern styling options baked into GF, especially for radio buttons, checkboxes, and select fields. However, as has been mentioned, you can accomplish better styling and layout with you own css and scripts.

My biggest concern with my GF forms right now is the time it takes to submit. When users click a button, there’s usually a 3 second (or more) delay between the click and any confirmation. This has led to entries being submitted multiple times or even not at all. I’ve yet to test other form builders yet for this concern.

I agree with this. There’s been more duplicates recently because of the time it takes for the form to load a confirmation after submission. Not always of course but I’ve seen an uptick in duplicates.

This is an awesome conversation! I always love to hear ideas of how we could improve Gravity Forms.

The performance issue when submitting is of particular interest to me: when someone who’s experiencing it has some time, can you give a quick outline of what type of confirmation you’re using, as well as if you’re submitting via AJAX or just a normal form submission?

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