Wysiwyg editor for descriptions and html fields

Does anybody know if or when gravity forms is planning to add a wysiwyg editor to field descriptions or the html block?

GF says that the best way to ensure your request is heard is to submit it to the road map but when you do it goes into a black hole. There are very few items on any of the roadmap lists. I submitted an items about a month ago and, from what I can tell, nothing has been added or removed from the Under Consideration, Planned or Launched lists.

Hi Mark. I found your feedback from 15 days ago. The product manager has processed the feedback, and a feature request has been created. There are currently six requests for that feature. We have heard you and we hear all our customers, and while the front end view may not have changed, please be assured that we take all feedback seriously and we do listen to all our customers. There is no timeline for a new feature, but it is definitely something the product team are aware of. Thank you for taking the time to submit that.

Chris, thanks for the quick response. There are some really good things in GF 2.5 and it is a good step forward for the core. But there are several plugins that I used on several sites to implement essential functionality that no longer work and were not duplicated in in GF core. It has been frustrating to transition to GF 2.5, not because it is different, but due to the loss of functionality for my clients. Specifically wysiwyg for field descriptions and the html element and grid layout. Grid layout was kind of duplicated but with several omissions and behaviors that are not what I expected.

I understand that GF feels like they take all feedback seriously and that they listen to their customers. In my opinion, the new system to submit feedback does not communicate this to GF’s customers. I actually started looking for replacement software and was willing to go through the pain of resetting up more than 100 forms to find a company that listened. The feedback system does not provide acknowledgement to the submitter and the list of items rarely changing, leaving the impression that, unless GF thinks that the request is important enough they are not even going to let other GF customers know that someone else has requested the same feature.

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