Is Gravity Form still being developped?

I’ve been using gravity form for years, but no new functionalities.

For years we’ve been waiting for a repeater field. Still waiting…

We often have to use Html block or write a Form description. Using them it feels like in the 90s. What’s so hard about making those field Wysiwyg? Even here is the forum post, it’s rich editor! But not in a plugin that we pay for?

Where are the new features requests? We’ve submitted important features requests, but they don’t show up in the Roadmap. So how can users support our ideas if it doesn’t show up?

Why did you closed the Features request forum? Now there’s no way to see what other features users would like to see. There’s no ways to support great features ideas, except for a fews in the roadmap that that doesn’t seems to evolve.

As you know, you can view our product roadmap and request new features here:

Not every new feature will show up on the roadmap. After the product team has evaluated the request, when there is sufficient interest in a feature or integration, it will be added to the roadmap as “under consideration.”

Thank you.

Thanks Chris for the reply!
We understand that not all ideas are worth consideration. But for features like Copy&Paste between forms or Wysiwyg editor in the form description, if those suggestions were shown, We sure you’d see a lot of interest. Otherwise, how can you judge if there is sufficient interest?

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