Conversational Add-on to Compete with Typeform

Conversational forms are and have been the hottest thing to happen to forms in the past 1-3 years and it’s so disappointing that Gravity Forms still doesn’t have anything that can compete with Type Forms. There is Magic Conversion but it looks terrible(no offense to the creator) compared to the slick modern look of typeform.

Again this is the biggest thing to happen to forms since conditional logic and by being so behind on this curve you are signalling to your community that you aren’t interested or able to provide an up to date product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers. This is why people leave sadly, this is why good or great companies become irrelevant.


Thank you for your feedback. I will share that with the team.

It would be a really nice feature to have.


I agree! It looks like WPForms’ implementation is really nice:

This would be amazing to have in Gravity Forms!


There’s a plug-in called “last form” on code canyon the adds the typeform functionality to Gravity Forms.

@user5a957918abb078.3, It looks like Lastform is no longer being updated:

Sadly, Lastform hasn’t been updated in more than a year. I purchased it, but experienced too many errors, and no support. :frowning:

Any updates on this? Gravity forms has various competitive advantages over typeform and wpforms. However, not having the conversational style form is a BIG LOSS.

What is it going to take to get this going?

There are no updates at this time. There is nothing in development but I will note your interest on the open feature request. Thank you.

Thank you Chris. I appreciate the quick response. First of all, we love gravity forms and have been using it for almost a decade under the elite/developer subscription. Secondly, I could make a list of why Gravity forms is better than both typeform and wpforms (integrations, add-ons, community, and pricing to name a few). Love the fact that we don’t have to use Zapier with slack (and others) and that you support webhooks for direct integrations. So much flexibility and power!

*** Not that far away ***
However, lacking typeform/conversational forms is crucial to keeping gravity forms modern. “Auto-next“ and “form focus” are critical to completion rates which is why these form styles are so popular.

A typeform similar flow is not far away. I can see 1 built in function (multi page with Ajax) and 1 extension (multi-page auto advance) that will complete 2 of the 3 requirements. The final requirement of “beauty and focus” is still open (custom css?).

Typeform and WpForm do an excellent job making any form beautiful, clean, and focused. Somehow wpforms is able to convert all of their forms to a “conversational form/typeform style”. Imagine the power this would bring to gravity forms!

*** Current solutions/Work arounds ***

  1. The major downside with multi-page with Ajax loading is that we are not using the system as designed form creation is more complicated than it should be.

  2. Auto advancing should be built in and should not require a 3rd party plugin.

  3. Beauty - Maybe model after lastform? I’m happy to buy lastform and give to your team. The plugin has everything desired to make gravityforms beautiful out of the box for conversational forms/typeform styling. The only reason why lastform can’t be used is because the author is MIA and the plugin has issues (due to lack of updates). This author has 1500 sales to date! That’s $100,000 in sales! Wow!

*** Next Steps ***
Is there a way we can “vote” this feature request up? Considering the immense popularity of typeforms, I can’t imagine that lacking this feature is not causing lost sales and turnover of existing clients for GravityForms as a company.

I’d love to be a part of this process. As mentioned… so many reasons to stay with GravityForms so let’s finish this major difference and beat WPforms and Typeform.

*** References ***

  1. Multipage Ajax —>

  2. Multi page auto advance —> already part of GravityForms

  3. Beauty —>

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Photo to show the features of “auto next upon selection”.

Plugin for auto-next (no, I am not affiliated with this plugin).

Thank you for the thoughtful responses @easyitguys - I’ll share them with the product team.

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You are welcome!

Also, I think the community should know about a plugin called “BeautyGravity” (We are not affiliated with them)
Free version -->
Paid version -->

I’ve been working with them to fill this need. It appears to have a lot of promise! I bought the pro version last night and setup a multipage form with Ajax… and… It’s getting close to typeform! Not nearly as pretty or focused… but closer!

I sent them a list of issues that I experienced so hopefully they can start making adjustments soon.

More as I know everyone!

P.S - Gravity forms is still VERY SLOW in comparison to Typeform. I wonder if there is a way to speed up multipage forms? Preloading?

Hello guys there art gravity.
You gcan’t have a user like @easyitguy and don’t reward him (i’m not affiliate with him nor knows who this guy is)

But can u see the time he is putting trying to help you ?

You can’t let us down on this.
I can’t believe you don’t have the features of today other competitors…

So, the real question is : Are there still developpers behind gravity form OR not ?

Depending on your answer, we can ajust our strategy, after all, this is just business.


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