How to point two different links to two different confirmation pages

I have two links on my form and I want them each to go to a different confirmation page. See example screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi Lu. It looks like those are HTML links in the radio button choice. Clicking that link can take the visitor wherever you want. The visitor will be existing your form at that point. Can you use different links in each location?

Or are you trying to have someone who selects “Online” for the registration fee to be shown on Gravity Forms confirmation, and someone who selects “Online” for the program fees to be shown a different Gravity Forms confirmation?

If the latter, then you need to take a look at Conditional Confirmations, here:

If you need something else, please share a little more information about how this needs to work. Thank you.

I want to pass the payment amount to their payment processor, one for registration fees and one for program fees.

The confirmation page allows me to pass field data via a query string and append it to their URL. Example: Https://…custompayment/5167/default.aspx?Amount={hiddentotal:72}.

Ultimately I would like to submit the form and go to a single page that has the two payment options, one to pay registration fee and one to pay program fee.

If that is not possible, the next best would be to open another click to go to one confirmation page or the other in a new window. But then they would have to remember to come back and submit the form (kind of a sloppy way of doing it).

After clicking submit, would I still have access to the field data?

It sounds like you want conditional confirmations in that case. You can create two confirmations, and use conditional logic, based on the radio button selection, to determine which one is served. It does not sound like you want to hyperlink that text to a new page, straight from your form.

Please see the document I referenced earlier:

Normally, when using a redirect confirmation to a payment processor, that site will have a way to return the visitor to your page. That is dependent on the service you are using for payment processing. It’s up to them to return the visitor to you once the visitor is done paying on that page.

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