Conditional logic for Confirmations

I’d like to be able to redirect form fillers to different pages based on selections they make in a form. Conditional logic is possible for Notifications but not Confirmations. I can redirect them to a general FAQ page but not different pages.

The alternative is to suggest and display links in HTML fields within the form depending on field values selected.
In that case I would also like to be able to ask a question like “Did that information answer your question?” - if they select [Yes] then there is no requirement to Submit the form - is there a tidy way to Exit the form - perhaps by changing “Submit” to “Exit” ?

Conditional logic is possible for Confirmations. Please see this:

There is no conditional logic setting on the default confirmation, because it will be used whenever there are no other confirmations, or the conditional logic is not met on other confirmations, but there is the option to configure conditional logic on the second and all subsequent confirmations. Give it a try.

Brilliant Chris – I’ll give it a try


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