Pass Field data via Query String [RESOLVED]

How can I connect the form to other forms on different pages/posts based upon the answer.

Choose one color from the following

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Blue

How can I configure this form so that
If #1 is chosen, it opens
If #2 is checked, it opens
If #3 is marked, it opens

I know it has something to do with ‘Pass Field data via Query String’ (Settings > Confirmations > Confirmation Type Redirect > Redirect URL > Pass Field Data via Query String Sample: phone={Phone:1}&email={Email:2}

How can I accomplish it?

Hello Osagie. You do not need to use the query string.

You can use three different confirmations, and on each confirmation use conditional logic. The conditional logic rule will check to see if #1, #2 or #3 is selected. And then, on each confirmation, you will use a different URL. That way, when 1 is selected, you redirect them to, for example.

If you need more information about how that works, please see our documentation here:

Or leave a question here. Thank you.

Wow, it worked.
:pray: Thanks Chris

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