How to Integrate GreenRope with Gravity Forms via Webhook or API

We use GreenRope as our CRM, but for some reason they don’t have an integration with Gravity Forms other than via Zapier.

Zapier is great and we use it extensively, but in this case I’m trying to curb the moving parts. I would like to know if anyone has integrated GreenRope (or a similar CRM) with Gravity Forms via Webhook or API.

If so, please be so kind as to drop a few pointers! :grinning:


It looks like GreenRope has a “REST-like” API, so it should definitely be possible to integrate via APIs. Do you have someone in your team who can do that, or do you need some help? Not sure what your question is…

I was hoping someone that has done something like it before might be able to give me some pointers. For example, if one looks at the following webhook attempt:

The Request URL is correct.

What type of Request Headers would be required? Authorization, perhaps? And what type of field(s) to select with that, if it’s the case? Username & password of GreenRope?

Request Body > Select Fields: What is meant by Key Values?

I would appreciate pointers such as those… I’m not really up to speed with API and/or webhooks. I also don’t have the budget currently to hire someone.

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