How to delay capture Stripe & Paypal with our without GravityFlow

Is there any recommended setup for delaying payment capture for BOTH Stripe and PayPal (gravityflow or not)?

I see in the PayPal Checkout add on feed settings you can check ‘authorize only’ and a capture button will be displayed in the entry details page, but their is no such option in the Stripe add on settings. Authorize & Capture in PayPal - Gravity Guide

I can delay the stripe capture with the GravityFlow Stripe add on, but GravityFlow’s PayPal add on does not have that function and requires the GravityForms Legacy PayPal Standard add on.

Can I use the PayPal Checkout add on delay capture in conjunction with GravityFlow? If not, how can I delay capture PayPal payments in a GravityFlow step?

It would be nice if the GravityForms Stripe add on had the same delay capture option tied into the same capture payment button as the PayPal checkout add on. And for GravityFlow PayPal add on to have the same step options as the GravityFlow Stripe add on.