Stripe Subscriptions Delay Start Date

I run a coworking space, and when people sign up they are given the option of when they’d like to start, however I can’t find a way for Stripe to only start their billing cycle on that date. At the moment when they pay, I then refund them the amount pro rata, wish is obviously far from ideal/automated!

Is there anyway for customers to select which date they would like subscriptions with stripe to start?


Doing this is not a feature of the Stripe add-on, but it provides you a filter that you can use alter the parameters sent to to create the subscription: gform_stripe_subscription_params_pre_update_customer

Parameters accepted by can be found in the documentation: gform_stripe_subscription_params_pre_update_customer

I would say the billing_cycle_anchor parameter is what you’re looking for.

In addition to the code-based approaches Samuel provides, you may want to look at how Gravity Flow’s Stripe extension can provide some non-code approaches. The capture payment step as a delayed action would likely be closest, but Stripe automatically cancels (expires) payments after 7 days if the payment is not captured. So your workflow must ensure that that the Capture Payment step runs within a week of the initial form submission.

If delaying the auth/capture closer to the time they are to start using, you should be able to use a user input step to capture the payment field data as a different option.

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