plugin- send custom start date for subscription

Is it possible to override whatever default start date and renewal date is sent to for a monthly subscription? It seems these dates start as soon as does a batch update after the form entry was submitted. However, I can’t find in any of the documentation where this start date is sent, or if it’s possible to send a custom start date on each entry that uses plugin?

Specifically, we want to start the first payment on the 15th of the month following the entry month. So an entry on January 3, would start Feb 15th, or January 30th would also start on February 15th.

I see I can use gform_authorizenet_transaction_pre_capture to adjust the payment before being sent, but I looked through the Config but do not see anything about a date being sent which leads me to believe it’s basically set up as soon as possible once the entry is submitted to them.

Is this possible, and could you point me towards where/how the date is sent to start a monthly subscription?

Hi Thomas. Take a look at gform_authorizenet_subscription_pre_create example #1:

That was exactly what I needed Chris, thank you.

Quick follow-up, looking at it is now receiving the correct/new subscription date of the month following the entry-date, and on the 15th. However, Gravity Forms admin shows the payment date as the day before. Do you know why this is?

So if the entry date was 4/9/24, gform_authorizenet_subscription_pre_create is sending the correct new subscription date of 5/15/24. But that payment date within GF admin screen is showing 5/14/24 @5pm. Looking at all of these signups, it always shows the payment date with a time of 5pm.

What timezone is your site set to? (the service; not the add-on) adds subscriptions to queues for batch processing at 2:00 a.m. PST, so once the date/time displayed on the entry is adjusted to match the site timezone, it can sometimes be dated before or after your intended start date.

The site’s timezone is set to Los Angeles, CA, so PST. These two images are from the same entry, Authorize is showing what I want to show for the subscription start date, that same entry in the site shows the day prior to what I want. It’s not really a big deal since Authorize is doing the billing and they have the correct date, but I did want to know why it was happening. Being on the same timezone as Authorize, shouldn’t this not be an issue?

Is it safe to assume that plugins like GF within our Wordpress install will rely on the timezone set in Settings → General, whereas an external service like Authorize will rely on their server timezones?

Last, since we are now successfully passing the desired start date to Authorize, rather than it starting immediately at signup (or next batch process), in the example images that were from an entry made on 4/9/24 and show the Authorize subscription start date on 5/15/24, does this mean the subscription trial fee would start on 5/15/24 with the remaining 11 yearly payments falling on 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, etc? I would assume trial pmt date and subsequent payments would all be driven from the subscription start date within Authorize?

Thank you.

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